June 12, 2018 oitcdev

Winter Weddings are Warming Up 2018

Winter seemed to arrive very quickly this year with the whirlwind wedding season passing us by faster than ever. We’ve now found ourselves amongst an influx of wedding couples that are choosing to celebrate their big day in the cooler winter months! And since it looks like there will be no slowing down, we wanted to share some of our favourite things about winter weddings and highlight some of the trends we’re spotting that make these parties cooler than most (pardon the pun).

Kylie and Damiens wedding captured by Gold and Grit Photography.

Firstly, and maybe most obviously a major benefit to a winter wedding is availability! And we mean that in a multitude of ways. Fundamentally there’s the availability of venues in the ‘off peak’ season, which means you can pick you’re dream space with potential discounts as well. Then there’s the availability of suppliers, with photographers, caterers, florists etc. all following the same ebb and flow of the ‘typical’ wedding season, so chances are you can have your pick of favourites. And then there’s the availability of your actual guests! Of those you invite to share your special day, you will find most are freer in the winter months with fewer social and work commitments, not to mention other weddings. And it’s worth noting that as we all tend to go into some type of social hibernation over the colder months, a winter wedding gets everyone excited as they prepare to reemerge!


Kylie and Damiens wedding captured by Gold and Grit Photography.

Secondly it’s the beauty of winter weather. Now hear us out! Whilst the odds may be better over summer for sunny or warmer days, winter offers actual consistency. With a winter date you are more likely to know what you’re in for so that you can prepare accordingly! We’re seeing lots of couples opting for indoor ceremonies as well as rustic or industrial style reception venues that suit the colder temperatures. It seems many are realizing that you can use less energy stressing about predicting the weather and more energy making sure your guests are comfortable in the setting.

Winter weddings also produce what we like to call ‘comfort catering’, think baked brie with blackberry compote, beetroot and goats cheese crostini’s, confit duck, sage roasted pork belly… umm yum. And it gets better at the bar; some are warming things up all the way with mulled wine at pre-dinner drinks, or a whisky bar at the reception (now that’s our type of party)!

Kylie and Damiens wedding captured by Gold and Grit Photography.

And the styling, oh yes that’s where things are warming up the most! Gorgeous, moody reception set-ups in their entire candle lit glory (perfect for setting a good atmosphere on the dance floor). There’s custom neon signs, matte black cutlery, floral draped wedding cakes, all super lux. Florists are going for layered blooms in deep burgundy and berry, outfits have turned ultra dramatic with the ladies in sparkles, long sleeves and faux fur capes and the fellas in cashmere and crushed velvet.

And with all of that glamorousness in mind… we of course get a piece of the action when it comes to the music! We’re embracing the moody vibes of winter weddings with our recommendations for entertainment:

We’re going ethereal with a modern edge during the ceremonies with groups like vocalist Andrew Loadsman or duo Belle & Co.

For pre-dinner drinks we like using duo’s with a classic feel that will warm things up and give a taste of the vibes to come, like Emerson & Isaac or the smooth fellas from Junction.

When it comes to the reception, we like to kick it up a notch! There’s no better way to warm up the night than by getting people on the dance floor. We suggest adding a vocalist with old school soul like Joys Soul paired with a saxophonist and stylish DJ.

Kylie and Damiens wedding captured by Gold and Grit Photography.


Although this is definitely not all you can look at from an entertainment perspective. We have some sensationally talented artists with their own unique style and we can help you decide who is the perfect for your special day.

Let us know if you are considering a Winter Wedding and get in touch!