Whoever said this was the biggest day of your life wasn’t kidding! At Rutherford there is nothing we get more than how important this day is, and music can ‘make or break’ your wedding day.

Our approach is to meet you to really find out what makes you tick, then provide the solution that will have your guests bragging about your wedding for years to come!

We get that you want your day to be different from the rest and we commit ourselves to designing music that is extraordinary.


Rutherford Entertainment are on the A-List and our “go-to” for anything in music and entertainment.
We wouldn’t think of hosting a party without their talented team of DJs and musicians.
If music makes a party, then Rutherford Entertainment makes the music. Their talent and professionalism combine to ensure every event is memorable and when Rutherford is in the house, we know we’re in great hands. Our only complaint from our guests? Having such sore feet from being on the dance floor all night!

Kirsten MacKelden owner of Real Weddings


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